Ministry of Utmost Happiness

“मोहब्बत थी इसलिए जाने दिया अगर ज़िद होती तो आज बाँहों में होती।.”

As the world mourns over the loss of Irfaan Khan today, I probably have a bittersweet tinge of hope and smile. I’ll tell you why.

You could ask anyone who knew me as a kid, they would all tell you the same thing. I would turn every corner and find my dad. I do not remember making any memories without him by my side. Yes, I was ‘that’ kid. But then, after 13 years, that same kid, really wanted him to go to some safe place and start life again, without any pain because if you love someone really so deeply, you wouldn’t be able to see the pain in their eyes as they look at you.

I have always read “ If you love someone, let them go” it was surprising when I started believing in it. I wouldn’t want him to be a season passing away, I cannot imagine him as a song which I love but can’t rewind. He cannot be a wave that never returns. Yet, it’s time you let go, into the waters of Varanasi, someday. May you exist in the pictures of the landscape that you have taken with your good old Olympus. It’s time you move into the rhythms of the beat that is trapped in all my favorite songs. You’re the spring after every harsh winter and may you come back to me in all my smiles. You’re a thought which will forever linger on my mind. You’re a whisper echoing in every wind. Journey to your Ministry of Utmost Happiness.