Technical Projects

Using Classification Algorithms to Generate Negative PPI Dataset

Using sub-cellular locations from uniprot and pattern analysis to determine dataset for negative protein protein interaction.

Zusa - Fundrasing Platform

Integrating advertisers and fund-collection. Selected for the final pitch round in Grand Idea Challenge, Indian School of Business AIC.

Image Segmentation on MRI

Building a neural network to automatically segment tumor regions in brain using MRI. Multi class segmentation model is used to determine 3 different abnormalities - edema, non-enhancing tumors and enhancing tumors.

Noted Application

Organize notes for students in college, built using Dart and GitHub API. Illustrations using Procreate.

Anomaly Detection based on Unsupervised Learning

Uses Isolation Forest and K Means Clustering Algorithms, PCA. Detects glitches and alerts via email.

Use of Hyperbolic Geometry to detect the Hierarchical properties of words

Poincare Embeddings for Learning Hierarchical Representations


Virtual Machine (simulating LC-3) with simplified instruction set to run assembly language programs like 2048.

Passion Projects

Kolkata 70

A platform for art, photography and more. I plan to grow Kolkata 70 as a platform to support budding artists, give them a platform to showcase their art, conduct fundraisers and in general, just have a good time painting :)